Anxiety in Children

Statistics show that anxiety and mental health issues are rising significantly in children and teens, and young people today are experiencing more and more stress at earlier ages. Emotional and mental health in young people is a global concern. According to Sheila Granger, expert in hypnotherapy with children, the World Health Organization reports around 20% of the world’s children and adolescents have mental disorders or problems, predicting that by 2050 emotional and mental health issues will be the world’s biggest killer.

Symptoms of anxiety appear in many forms. Some of these are easy to recognize such as a child having trouble sleeping in his/her own bed, difficulty separating from a parent, and fearful or inhibited behavior. Other symptoms may be harder to recognize such as aggressive behavior, disruptive or
dysregulated behavior, behavioral outbursts, seeming distracted or forgetful, poor listening and difficulty following directions.

Anxiety is very good at disguising itself. It can look like many other things and can get over-looked or misdiagnosed. Anxiety also often co-occurs with other issues, such as ADD/ADHD; obsessive-compulsive disorder; oppositional defiant disorder; learning disability; auditory processing disorder; autistic spectrum disorder; Tourette’s syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Regardless of whether anxiety is masquerading as something else or occurring alongside another diagnosis, effectively treating the anxiety is essential. When the anxiety is dealt with properly, then the adults in the child’s world have a much clearer picture of what is going on with the child, and they will be much better able to address and treat any other co-existing problem, resulting in a happier and more well-adapted child.

Hypnotherapy (including visualization, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness) is a safe and effective treatment for anxiety (refer to evidence cited below).
Children have an excellent ability to imagine and visualize, and they experience natural states of hypnosis over a dozen times a day just by becoming absorbed in thought or by using their imaginations. Hypnotherapy works naturally, quickly and efficiently to address negative emotions and fears because emotions, fears, and anxiety exist in the subconscious mind. In just a few sessions, it is possible to find the cause and take control of or eliminate the problem.

In a research study involving over 100 patients suffering from stress-related conditions it was found that 75% felt their symptoms were improving after 12 weeks of self-hypnosis practice, within one year 72% of the group reported complete remission of their symptoms as a result of the self-hypnosis.
(Maher-Loughnan, G.P. 1980, “Hypnosis: Clinical application of hypnosis in medicine’, British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 23: 447-55)

‘Clinical Review’ of hypnosis and relaxation therapies published in the BMJ looked at the existing research on hypnosis and concluded: ‘There is good evidence from randomised controlled trials that both hypnosis and relaxation techniques can reduce anxiety‘, the same report also concluded that hypnosis was proven to be effective in treating panic attacks and phobia.
(Vickers and Zollman, ‘Hypnosis and relaxation therapies,’ BMJ 1999;319: 1346-1349)

If you or your child are unhappy with the current method of treatment, or if all other attempted treatments have failed, feel free to message me for more information to determine if hypnotherapy may be the solution to your child regaining his/her health, happiness and quality of life.

Children with Anxiety

Entrancing Inspirations Hypnotherapy in Rochester, NY is leading the way in helping children overcome anxiety and fear. I am very passionate about helping children 👧👦with anxiety! I was a child with MAJOR anxiety. If only there had been a resource available like this during my elementary school years. How much different my life (and my parents’ lives) would have been! Hypnotherapy is extremely helpful for alleviating anxiety – especially for children. It is safe, powerfully effective, there are no negative side effects, and children have rapid results!

Some symptoms of anxiety in children:

  • Restlessness
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Frequent worry and fears
  • Difficulty focusing and concentration
  • Irritability and anger
  • Physical symptoms (ex: stomach problems, headaches, difficulty swallowing, heart palpitations, shortness of breath)
  • Avoiding or refusing to go to school
  • Avoidance of or decreased interest in preferred activities
  • Habits and rituals (ex: nail biting, nervous tics, hair pulling, skin picking, needing things to be done a specific way)

If you are watching your child struggle in school or with social relationships, ride an emotional roller coaster, or if your family is being turned upside down by the effects of anxiety – there is HELP! Entrancing Inspirations Hypnotherapy specializes in working with children. In just a few sessions, life can be so much easier – for your child and the entire family. 🙌

Help for Anxiety

Feeling trapped? 😞 Are you fed up with feeling anxious? 😖 Millions are suffering from anxiety, panic, phobias or chronic fear. Mild anxiety is a nuisance or an annoyance. In the extreme, it’s debilitating and robs you of your life. No matter where you are on the continuum, anxiety in any form prevents you from loving your life and having the life you want. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have control of your life? To feel more free? Free from worry and obsessive, racing thoughts, free to try new things and go new places, free of the inner critic who lives in your head, free from medications with side effects, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to RELAX and feel CAREFREE? Well, you CAN! It is simply not the truth that you “just have to live with anxiety because it’s genetic,” or because “that’s just how you’re wired.” If you have been told this or just convinced yourself of this, it is NOT the truth. Contact me to find out how I can help you gain control and transform your life in ways you never thought possible!



Enhanced Energy Communication!

This incredible therapy is fast and easy to do, yet incredibly powerful and effective!

Through Enhanced Energy Communication, we are able to:

  1. Identify and release negative, unsettled emotions
  2. Change self-limiting beliefs
  3. Reclaim lost parts of ourselves that have been shut down or blocked off by emotional wounds.

How can this help you? Using this process, it is easy and fast to specifically find exactly what emotions and limiting beliefs are getting in your way and holding you back. All of us have emotional wounds and hurts that cause blocks in energy or in the physical body that may be holding us back from: forward progress; achieving our heart's desires; enjoying life; manifesting success; finding a loving partner or a true friend; living pain free and healthy, etc. If you have chronic anxiety or depression, fear, anger, guilt, sadness, resentment, pain, fatigue or illness, negative habits......if you often ask yourself, "Why do I feel stuck?" or "When is this (situation) going to turn around and get better?" or "Why do I keep attracting the same type of partner or people into my life?"......If you recognize that you are often thinking or repeating negative thoughts, beliefs or patterns.....then EEC is for YOU!!

In just a few sessions, you will be amazed at how much lighter, happier, and positive you're feeling! You will also be pleasantly shocked at how things that once felt "stuck," shift and turn around with rapid speed. Manifest your heart's your best self living your BEST LIFE!

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Hypnotherapy for the Holidays!

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As wonderful as the holidays can be in many ways, the flip side is that holidays bring increased demands,
additions for the already over packed “to-do” lists, feelings of being rushed and crunched,
family pressure and stress, and for many, feelings of anxiety, depression and being overwhelmed.

There is often post holiday let-down, unwanted weight gain, followed by New Year’s Resolutions that
all too often become abandoned shortly after being made.

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Hypnosis and Body Pain/Symptom Management

Do you have chronic pain ? If yes, have you ever tried talking with your body? Have you ever asked the question to your sore neck, aching shoulder, or swollen knee….what do you want to SAY? Hypnosis can help you to get in contact with your body, to have a dialogue and to really listen to the messages that your body is giving you.

Through alchemical hypnotherapy techniques, you have the ability to learn more about your aches and pains….why are they there? What is their purpose? What is needed to release the pain? How exactly does this work?

Using hypnosis to induce a trance state, clients are able to journey into the body. In accessing the subconscious mind, clients are empowered to receive information as to what is going on in the body, as well as to find their own self-healing images. The following examples illustrate this process. Both of the following clients were using hypnosis in conjunction with medical treatment (for GERD) and physical therapy (for shoulder pain).

Kathy’s Story...
Kathy was seeking hypnosis for help with feelings of anxiety and fear of moving forward with life goals. During her second session, she complained of gastroesophageal reflux, and burning in her esophagus, tension in her jaw; however, she was sure this had nothing to do with her feelings of anxiety. Her conscious mind believed that the reflux was there because of her diet and her love of acidic foods. She was, however, agreeable to asking her esophagus and her jaw what they wanted to tell her. She got messages that she never expected. Kathy’s esophagus told her that she continually swallows her words instead of saying what she really wants to say. Each time she swallows and pushes her words down, they fight to come back up – her body has a burning desire to speak – urging Kathy to speak up for herself. The message from Kathy’s jaw was that it’s tired of feeling clamped down…locked…because it’s not free to speak. Kathy’s mind took her back to an earlier memory in her life when this started for her. She saw the situation and the people who she did not feel safe enough to speak up to, which created a life pattern of swallowing her words and learning to be accommodating instead of honest. In this journey, when asking the body what it needed, Kathy was shown a key – the key was to be used to unlock her jaw and let it speak. Kathy unlocked her jaw and said what she had always wished she said during that early memory. She was then shown other memories of significant times when she swallowed her words, and again we went through each of them, allowing her the freedom of words flowing easily through an unlocked jaw. Kathy was given “homework” to listen to her hypnotic audio to reinforce this information and body lesson, as well as to begin to practice speaking up for herself in her various situations in her current life. After using what she learned over the next few weeks, she reported a significant decrease in both the GERD symptoms that often occurred in specific situations, as well as the jaw tension. Using this, as well as other techniques in subsequent sessions, Kathy was able to find and deal with the root cause of her anxiety. She has since accomplished two of her primary goals she had on her life wish list that she previously had felt too anxious to move forward with!

Nikki’s Story…
Nikki sought hypnosis for relief from chronic feelings of anxiety and feeling “stuck” in her life…not being able to move forward to explore a different career path and new job. She reported chronic pain in her upper back and shoulder. Her journey into her body revealed the symbol of the world stored in her upper back and the feeling as though she is carrying the weight of the world. Nikki’s shoulders gave her the message that she doesn’t need to do everything on her own – it’s ok to ask for help – she NEEDS to ask for help and to share the load. Nikki’s subconscious mind took her to childhood memories of her mother’s words….”Nothing gets done unless I do it myself – there is no use in asking for help because no one ever helps, and I will end up doing it all myself anyway. I’m the only one who is capable of doing anything around here.”

Nikki saw that she internalized those words and those feelings. She saw that she grew up believing she needed to always be in control and be the one to “get everything done around here.” Nikki knew that exploring a new career would mean that she would need help. Staying in her current job was not fulfilling or satisfying in any way, however, the career she was considering would require some coursework first, and Nikki would not be as available at home for a while. She would need help in order to accomplish this goal. Through various techniques, including hypnotic visualization and communication, we practiced asking for and accepting help from family members. Each time we practiced this, the “world” in Nikki’s upper back and shoulders got smaller and smaller. After a few sessions, Nikki successfully asked her family for help and accepted all that was offered to her. She received much more than she ever thought possible, and she was able to begin her course work to move forward toward a career she has a strong passion and talent for….and she now knows how to communicate with her body to find out the messages it’s trying to convey to her.

These are two examples of how hypnotic techniques can be utilized to find out what your body is trying to tell you and to work with your body in finding solutions. The hypnotic process empowers you to access the wisdom of your body for information that can be utilized in conjunction with medical treatment (if and when appropriate) for addressing pain and body symptoms.

Kim Guche, M.S., CCC-SLP, CH has been in practice in the Rochester, NY area since 2016. She has a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and certification as a Consulting Hypnotherapist.
Contact Kim at (585) 708-9923 or fill out a confidential form HERE. Your privacy is always 100% guaranteed.

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