Kim Guche

If you landed here, you are more than likely seeking help overcoming an emotional burden…pain…anxiety or simply feeling stuck in your life! Have you have tried other approaches and nothing has helped you thus far? With the POWER of hypnosis, you CAN clear out whatever has been holding you back and it’s easier and faster than you may have ever thought possible. 

Ask yourself…
What is it that you desire?
How do you want to feel?
What would if feel like to be free and moving forward instead of stagnating?
What would THAT be like?

It IS possible to take control of your life instead of feeling like your life is controlling you. 
The consultation is FREE with NO OBLIGATION! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  

Through the healing power of Hypnosis, adults and children
can achieve dramatic and life changing results with problems such as
Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Autism and more.

Does this sound like YOUR situation?

  1. Can’t seem to relax.
  2. Obsessive thoughts and worry.
  3. Not living up to your potential.
  4. Self sabotaging.
  5. Feeling disconnected.
  6. Wishing things were better… Different.

Do you desire to feel like this?

  1. Calm, relaxed, and in control.
  2. Balanced, harmonious and peaceful.
  3. Carefree and worry-free
  4. Fun and energetic
  5. All aspects of life feeling “in flow”
  6. Living your best life!

Isn’t it time to GAIN CONTROL over your anxiety
and start living the life you desire and dream of?

Let’s get started



Step #1

Complete the questionnaire in a confidential email BEFORE scheduling your Breakthrough Strategy Call.
ALL potential New Clients (adults/parents), must complete step 1.

Step #2


Receive a call from Kim once the questionnaire has been submitted.

Step #3


We will identify the critical points needing transformation, and you will learn how the program works to get the maximum, desired results. Now your personal transformation awaits you – prepare to enjoy the benefits of success!

This process is critical to your success breakthrough, and in this session we will get into the specifics of the current situation and begin to strategize a personal transformation plan. Learn exactly how the program works to identify the cause of the anxiety, gain control over it and eliminate it, and move forward with a new sense of freedom and happiness!


Kim is an amazing, positive and powerful person. Through her guidance Vincent was able to overcome is anxiety. This has helped him emensely and turned him back to the silly, carefree he boy he once was. After seeing Kim just once, we saw a big improvement. Kim met with us, did a hypnotherpy session, and then sent Vincent a guided medidation to listen to every night. I am very grateful that we now have positive, anxiety less or free mornings because of Kim. This whole process has helped our whole family in being more mindful, helping create more positivity and imagination.
~ Julia (Nov. 1, 2019)
I got way more out of this program than I ever thought possible! As a result of this work I have eliminated a major fear that once paralyzed me, and I have greatly reduced my anxiety. I feel much lighter and happier and I’m much more confident in social and work situations. I can’t say enough how happy I am that I did this program to make these positive changes in my life ! Thank you Kim for all your help!!
~ CG (Sept. 8, 2019)
I originally started seeing Kim for anxiety that has troubled me for most of my adult life. With Kim’s methods and fantastic self-help audio homework, I have to say that I truly feel more in control and anxiety has no place in my life. It no longer controls me because Kim helped me see things in myself to help control the anxiety monster I’ve been fighting with all these years. I continue to use her self-help techniques and have noticed many shifts towards a more secure and confident version of myself!! I’ll be happy and confident to recommend her to my clients and friends. She truly uses her intuition and wisdom to help you see your true potential. Thank you Kim! Fear has no place in my field anymore. I am grateful. 🙂
~ Andrea (Aug. 15, 2019)

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